Data & AI

Your ability to collect, process, and react to data is the key to your successful competition.

With Macula data & AI solutions, you will have the platform, skills, and processes you need to capture, report, anticipate, and take action on data that will help your business succeed.

Modern Cloud Data Platform

  • Advanced capabilities with support for enterprise data warehousing, big data, data science, unification, quality and governance.
  • Simple web-based interface using commonly available skills (e.g. SQL, Python, R., .NET).
  • Scalable compute - fastest and cheapest platforms available.
  • Scalable storage - handle any volume and type of data (big data to small reporting servers).
  • Niche solutions for relational, non-relational, and in-memory operational data stores.


  • Establish a data governance function with best-of-breed cloud solutions, and a proven process.
  • Discover your data and create a unified map of your data from across the enterprise.
  • Classify and manage your data based on risk profiles & compliance regulations.
  • Democratize your data by making it discoverable, understandable, and traceable. And by facilitating data collaboration and security controls (e.g., data access requests, roles, etc.)
  • Manage your data risk and compliance with automated enterprise-wide data scans based on centrally managed compliance policies and procedures.

Unification & Quality

  • Unify your data from across complex systems and data sources in an automated way. You can then easily access and analyze data from various sources without spending hours manually aggregating the data.
  • Fix data quality issues by streamlining the process of cleaning and preparing your data. Our solutions can automatically address issues such as incorrect addresses and phone numbers. Additionally, our services provide a comprehensive view of your data, highlighting any areas that need attention. Once identified, we can assist in fixing these issues and transforming your data into a compatible format for your systems.
  • Master your data with an automated master data management (MDM) approach to matching, merging, and linking your data. This means that you can more easily identify duplicates, link related data, and keep your data organized and consistent.

Artificial Intelligence

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Dashboards & Reporting


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