Scalable Real-Time Integration

February 3, 2023

Cloud computing has drastically transformed the data analytics and integration space, providing organizations with the ability to process and store large amounts of data in real-time. This was something not possible until the invention of cloud compute, and so historically batch processing and expensive Enterprise Application Integration platforms became the standard for integration (e.g.IBM WebSphere, Tibco, Dell Boomi, BizTalk, etc.)

Note - several Macula employees, not to be named, spent decades building expensive and complex applications on EAI platforms.

But there are many examples of advantages gained by processing data in real-time :

  • It allows businesses to make decisions based on data that most reflects reality (i.e. the current state of affairs). Batch-based data means decisions are being made based on history.
  • It helps businesses proactively respond to shifts in supply, demand, or customer behavior.
  • It can help businesses reduce costs by being able to identify areas of waste or inefficiency sooner, so they can take corrective action more quickly.
  • It helps detect fraud or other misuse of assets while the damage can still be mitigated.
  • Allows businesses to capture and process telemetry data while they can still take action.
  • Allows you to react to customer events before the customer has committed to a decision,
  • It can help determine hardware failures (e.g., an airplane engine) before critical failure occurs.

While real-time processing was overly expensive and complex in the past, the combination of Confluent, Databricks, and Macula solutions (reference architecture below) provides organizations with a powerful platform for real-time integration and data analytics with a reasonable investment. This allows you to process and store large amounts of data in real time, gain insights into the data (often with Machine Learning), and make informed business decisions fast.

Macula Reference Integration Architecture


Combining Confluent with Databricks helps land real-time data into your lakehouse through the following features:

Real-Time Streaming

With Confluent and Databricks, organizations can process data in milliseconds, not minutes. By building materialized views, aggregations, and large-scale table joins with ksqlDB or Databricks, organizations can significantly reduce processing times and gain insights into their data in real-time.

On-Premise & Hybrid Data

Confluent and Databricks have come together to unite on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, linking multiple Confluent clusters to accelerate migrations to Databricks. This allows organizations to access real-time, distributed data in Databricks no matter where the data resides.

Connect to Any App or Data

Organizations can access a library of 120+connectors such as Oracle, Teradata, SAP, and more, to put their data in motion and insert fresh, real-time data into their AI workloads in the Databricks.

Real-Time Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

The combination of Confluent and Databricks offers organizations a powerful solution for building smart applications using ML models. The platform enables organizations to transform gigabytes of streaming data the same way they perform computations on batch data, feeding the most updated event streams from multiple data sources into their ML models. Databricks’ collaborative machine learning solution standardizes the full ML lifecycle, from experimentation to production.

Real-Time Data Integration

When it comes to building business-ready BI reports, querying data that is fresh and constantly updated is a challenge. Confluent offers CDC connectors for multiple databases that import the most current event data streams to consume as tables in Databricks. This allows organizations to perform blazingly fast analytics on stream data, resulting in more accurate and timely business intelligence.

Real-Time Business Intelligence

Databricks SQL provides enhanced performance for real-time applications. It also comes with pre-built integrations with popular BI tools such as Tableau and Power BI, allowing data analysts and business users to write queries in a familiar SQL syntax and build quick dashboards for meaningful insights.

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