Macula Blaze MDP Accelerator

Blaze drastically reduces the time to set up your modern cloud data platform.

Laying in a new data foundation takes planning, design, and time to build. With so many ways to assemble, knowing the best way to architect your solution and choosing the right data services to meet your business objectives can get overwhelming. Macula's Blaze MDP Accelerator was built to reduce the time and complexity involved in setting your MDP foundation.  Through a custom set of pipelines, templates, and automation, Blaze takes a months worth of tasks down to just a few days.

Macula Blaze MDP

  • Provisions necessary cloud services to optimize moving and storing your data
  • Baselines design from your original data source(s)
  • Automatically generates bronze and silver data models
  • Constructs data model schema mapping for each component layer
  • Assembles templated notebooks ready for your customization

Technologies Required:

  • Azure Data Factory / AWS DMS / AWS Glue
  • Databricks
  • ThoughtSpot / Power BI / Tableau
  • Unity Catalog
  • Terraform

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Azure Synapse

Power BI


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