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Macula Integration solutions quickly provide the Edge & Integration foundation you need. By leveraging 120+ pre-built connectors to most major ERP, application, database, and data warehouses, companies can get the most out of streaming data with little to no code. Macula's Blaze Integration offering will get your integration architecture up and running in weeks:


The Edge presents new opportunities for AI and Operational efficiencies

At the heart of it, the Edge is about connecting, capturing, moving, and acting on data. Whether you are looking to bring a new offering to market that augments your existing product/services or seeking to evolve your existing operations, Macula has you covered. Our passion for the Edge spans 25 years of experience working on M2M and IoT data integration scenarios for nearly every major industry.

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Integration Modernization

Don't wait until the last iceman is gone!

With the advance of modern cloud architectures and adoption of open standards one might think the integration challenge of the 90’s has been solved.  On a pure technical level, many of them have. But integration deals far more than overcoming technical challenges – it all revolves around the Business.

Macula Integration Modernization
Yes, we know you are out there…the last iceman.  You have that one environment that is responsible for something business critical and you’ll get to it – someday.  We can help.  Whether that environment is handling device, application, or B2B integration, design choice matters on your path to modernization.  Let’s modernize your integration fabric to take advantage of today’s service architectures.

Laying a New Foundation
Can you see the future?  Nobody can but laying an integration foundation for Edge or the business takes some vision.  Macula can help you anticipate how the needs of the business could change and account for these when laying a new foundation that includes scale, adaptability, data security, and governance.

Macula Integration Services

  • Integration services modernization (e.g., TIBCO, BizTalk, IBM WebSphere, Dell Boomi)
  • Mainframe modernization
  • Cloud and Microservices architecture
  • Kappa-based architecture and design
  • B2B/Industry modernization (e.g., OAGIS, AS2, X12, EDIFACT, and RosettaNet)




Azure Logic Apps

Azure Event Hub

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