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We were born in tech. We have built, bought, and sold companies alongside strategic, financial, and early-stage investors. Our playbooks bridge the gap between software’s potential and talent shortages to unlock your enterprise value.

Macula 'Win with Software' Playbook

Software and Tech Diligence

Companies pursuing ‘offensive’ software strategies yield a better payoff in both revenue and growth. But what is your acquisition strategy, and how will you plan and execute through the M&A event? We play to your strengths, leverage your assets, and accelerate you toward value capture.

Low Code Governance & COE

The dawn of Low Code platforms and citizen developers is here, with the opportunity to drive efficiencies throughout your business without waiting for your IT team. Yet, how you launch and manage Low Code development is critical to success. Our Low Code Center of Excellence framework instills the methods, tools, and governance so you can realize the benefits faster.

Set the Tech Backbone

Often new technology initiatives fall short. Why? Because the tech backbone is outdated, inflexible, or insufficiently resilient to support the requirements of next-generation technologies. Let’s set your core systems, architecture, and API ecosystem on a path to support growth.

Aperiam harum

Point of View

Why startups “get stuck”?
Scale-up Gap Challenge - Why do mid/late-stage startups fail to maintain their growth levels as they scale?
March 8, 2021
Kony’s Product/Market Fit Retrospective
Scale-up Gap Challenge - Kony's optimized Product/Market Fit unlocked new revenue and customer growth leading to the company’s acquisition by Temenos.
March 15, 2021
K2 Software’s Product/Market Fit Retrospective
Scale-up Gap Challenge - K2 optimized Product/Market Fit to unlock new revenue and customer growth which setup the company for acquisition by Nintex.
April 5, 2021
Value Beyond the Deal
After you land that important funding round...what next?
April 26, 2021
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